I'm curious if there is any interest in 1U+ space and bandwidth in one of the Sacramento area data centers?

The only provider that I am aware of that did sell 1U or higher space in Sacramento was Calhost, who has apparently dropped out of the business. There seem to be no other options available in Sacramento for those who are not looking for full cabinet space.

This is a longshot, but I'd like to make a pass at "market research." Feel free to let me know (PM is fine) if you have any interest in doing 1 or more Us in a Sacramento data center. I'd be looking at about $150 for 1-2U and 1Mbps commit.

If there's enough interest I'll pool your interest and actively pursue local options.

FYI, I'd consider Ragingwire, Herakles, and O1 Communications as the main local DC options.