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    Looking for a good colocation service

    i wnat a colocation service which offers 4U rack and 200 gb monthly transfer upgradable at anytime(100mbs or 10mbs) connection
    i will ship the server with OS and all settings configured and they have to only setup the net and this
    i will manage the whole thing
    also i want just 2 ips and i want free reboots
    and bugject is $70-$80 monthly
    Burst seems ok for these requirements but some ppl have bitter experiences with them like they formatted the whole harddrive so i dont think i wilkl go wih them
    and i will buy and install cpanel and whm on it
    so where can i find it
    im going to have dell poweredge 6850 as the server

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    you are goign to have a real hard time finding that for $70-80 with any decent provider.

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    well then what will it cost?
    more than 100?

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    any particular locations? Not Co-location but i've had dedi's with BurstNET and never had a problem
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    well no particular locations
    and yes my friend had a dedi with burst so i have no prob with burst on colocation?
    if no then i will go with burst as they have what i want in the budget of 100$
    and i dont want them to manage the server

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    They provide excellent co-location services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insoft
    well then what will it cost?
    more than 100?
    $100 might get you 1U with 200GB, but not 4U. Depending on location and quality, you're probably looking at $200-300.
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    He is not looking for a control panel so that will help keep his cost down

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    i will buy and install control panel[maybe mostly not as i will have root access]

    Space: ONE (1) SERVER (1U/2U/TOWER)
    Bandwidth: 200GB/MONTH
    IP Addresses: 5

    Reboots: FREE

    Port: 10/100MBPS


    $59.95/SETUP $69.95/MONTH

    well burst offers this services
    so i think i will go with burst!
    its exactly what i want

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    I have dealt with two colos myself. Both are on the same block and are built on the same ebdrock as the bay bridge in San Fransisco.

    The first is 365 Main "World Class Datacenters" who have a pretty sweet and professional place but don't really care about their customers. To gain access to my racks I get buzzed into the building and go get a RF tag from one of the guards behind bullet proof glass and they hold onto a goverment issued ID...I then proceed up to floor 4 on the elevator and byt the time I get their the cage has been unlcocked and I can get ot my server. They cost about 180 bucks for 1U with a decent amount of bw. The company I do colo with there is called GNi (

    The second is 360 Spear (buildings are side by side) and I love them. They are in the same building as MCI and many other providers and their bandwidth is pure (less then 25% of total copacity and have about 7 providers (multi homed) one of which is based off of 40 peering networks. All the big names you expect like Level3 etc. They cost 100 bucks a month for 100GB of sweet bandwidth at 100mbps. They are very friendly and unlike 365 Main are not driven by investors and are debt free. To gain access I walk in and hand my id to a guy behind a desk to hands me a hello my name is sticker and I go int heir elevators (big elevators) to floor 2 and gain access to the servers through the door to the right of the NOC. It's less ecure at the desk but with all the cameras and the large window into the NOC tampering even with the 1U open enviroment will not happen. Their dedicated servers are cool too since they use miniATX boxes so they can easily replace a server part after having to deal with small hard to fix and expensive to fix blade servers. Anywayif you wanted mroe bw it owuld cost you about 150 for an unmettered connection of about 0.5Mbps. They offer remote power strip control to cycle the power on your server from home. The compnay I do business with there is ServePath Coloserve ( They'll be happy to give you a tour to talk to the executives.

    The N+1 colo services of are cheap and it's a greate datacenter but their support for hosting customers is famed to be bad and I just left them about 3 months ago after not liking their support for my VPS.

    Hope this helps...keep us posted!

    Robert Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insoft
    When will it stop?

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