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    Looking for Banners and Design

    Hello, I am looking for someone to do 5 static banners 500x127 pixel size for an ad rotator. I also need to replace 4 partners logos on my web (just need to be replace the old logos with the new ones). I also want to tweak a section on my web, ( make it more attractive) maybe with a small flash animation or a better static image.

    If the person does a good job, it will be hired for more projects that we have in mind. banners text are in spanish, but we can provide the spanish text, so that is not an issue, but images should be in good quality.

    Pls pm me if you are interested
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    I highly recommend his works are cheap, of good taste and good.

    I've also tried and they are ok, but they like to charge extra for source files and for any revision requests after the banners are released to you.

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    Just sent you PM señior.. Thanks.

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    I would say forsure.
    I would not use anyone else for my web banners.

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