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    Photo sharing

    Hi all 1st time poster.

    I am looking to host family images in a secure manner on my site that will allow my family member's to post pics of the family, so we can all share images. I have thought about waiting until PHPBB 3 comes out, but we are a large family and I am not sure the new image uploading will be the best option.

    An album gallery style format is what I am looking for.

    It is for my family and I do not want to foot the bill for an expensive commercial program

    I have thought about FTP, but my family is going to need something a little more easy to use, like one touch uploading to a template

    Thanks in advance.

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    Take a look at this software.

    It should suit your needs.
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    Thank you for the reply. I went with Gallery 2, but if I do not grow to like it, I will check out coppermine. I browsed through their site and the publisher seems to me to be a bit rude IMHO. I am not really sure I like G2 at this point, I do not really care for the look or layout or the permission settings, but I am new to the program and as I learn new things about it, maybe I will grow to like it.

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    I just could not get use to gallery2. I installed coppermine and I have to say I really like it. I wish I would have had success bridging my forum users, but not a big issue.

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    Try this gallery m8 i use it It is very good
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