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    Cron Job for Automatic Backup

    Im currently making manuel mysql back and must say it sucks.

    I need a solution where I can set a automatic cronjob command via ssh and it backup the file every 12 hours twice a day.

    And it has to be compressed in .gzip format to make it handleable for regular DSL users.

    Also I need a solution that sets the time on the file like backup11.41am.tar.gzip or something similar with date and time.

    Can someone make a command and post here make sure you also instruct me on how to set it on SSH mode. and how I can stop the command in future if necassary.

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    my god all these people here and no one knows this??

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    There's TONS of sample bash scripts on the net, just do a google search.
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    Either that or hire a coder

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    Get the path to your database and do something similiar to this every 12 hours, deleting the original tar file before you run it by issuing an 'rm -f'

    tar cvf /var/lib/mysql/db_name /backups/db_name.tgz

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    1) Setup SSH keys between the 2 servers
    2) create the script that has to be executed as cron. a sample code below:

    tar cvf /var/lib/mysql/database /backup/databasename.tgz
    scp /backup/databasename [email protected]:/backup/

    3) Setup the scipt as a cron job to execute every 12 hours.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    thanks all on google

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    Just write a PHP script that exports the database, and call it every few hours. It's not that hard, although getting it running robustly and well isn't trivial either.

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