The MediaLayer Difference

Beyond the basic mechanics and cabling jargon that serve as the network infrastructure of MediaLayer, you will find professional - trained associates that are eager to jump in and serve you. The ideology is to provide not only the necessary resources needed to power your web site(s), but to serve as a second set of hands to help make your business thrive.

MediaLayer believes in maintaining a comfortable learning and development atmosphere for our customers. Our services are open to all types of people. Novice users are welcomed as we (our staff) go above and beyond to not only host your site, but help you utilize your hosting account to it's fullest. For the intermediate and expert developers, you can rely on our expertise in the business to provide a stable platform to build your website on. We are constantly researching and releasing new web technologies, for example Web 2.0 support. In addition to high performance web hosting services, MediaLayer also offers affordable, standards compliant web development.

Server Specifications

# Dual AMD Opteron 246 HE Processors
# 2048MB ECC Registered RAM
# Multiple 36GB, 15K RPM Hard Disks in a RAID array
# Dedicated 100mbps Fast Ethernet Uplink
# Location: LAX1; Bandwidth by: Mzima

ZERO Overselling

It has become a general trend in the industry for hosting companies to offer unfeasible amounts of storage and transfer in hopes of gaining customers on that notion alone. However, at MediaLayer we simply do not allocate more resources than we have. If we have 100GB available on a given server we will not sell more than 50 accounts with 2GB allocated. At other hosts you may find yourself sharing that 100GB with 500 accounts - this simply doesn't happen here at MediaLayer.


# Apache 2.2
# MySQL 5
# PHP 4.4
# PHP 5.2
# eAccelerator
# Zend Optimizer
# Memcached

AppLayer - Application Hosting

AppLayer DX
500MB RAID Protected SCSI Storage
10GB Premium Data Transfer
3 Domains
$9.95, take 50% off for the first month.

AppLayer LX
1000MB RAID Protected SCSI Storage
20GB Premium Data Transfer
6 Domains
$19.95, take 50% off for the first month.

AppLayer EX
2500MB RAID Protected SCSI Storage
50GB Premium Data Transfer
12 Domains
$39.95, take 50% off for the first month.


* Free Assistance with Account Migration
* 24x7x365 support, with emergency paging system for urgent assistance
* Dual Opteron or better CPU, 2GB or more RAM
* RAID Protected, 15K RPM SCSI Storage
* Daily Backups to Off-site system
* Optimized PHP 4 and PHP 5 w/ Apache 2.2
* Zend Optimizer and eAccelerator
* Private CGI-Bin & (SSH) Shell Access
* Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Accounts
* E-mail access via POP3, IMAP, and Webmail
* Unlimited Sub-Domains
* Secure Access to DirectAdmin via custom skin
* myLayer & Interactive Community Forums

DirectAdmin vs. cPanel

* Easier, more efficient Web 2.0 GUI
* Scalable, high-performance user system
* More robust and stable than cPanel
* Excellent support for MySQL 5
* Clear opportunities for future clustered services
* "Out of the box" support for Apache 2.2.3, Zend Optimizer, and eAccelerator
* Proven to be more reliable and more secure
* More cost-effective, allowing us to pass on the savings to you
* Uses less server resources, allowing more to host the actual websites


* URL:
* Username: demo_user
* Password: demo

Sales e-mail: [email protected]

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