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    IPod Question

    Hey you guys, Merry Christmas!

    Just got by brand new red ipod nano 8 GB for Christmas, I know, I'm a little late on the technology this year. Had a question though for you experienced ipod users.

    I downloaded a favorite cd of mine umm not the way that you should... since I'm not a big music fan, and totally intend to use Itunes now that I have it, but will this upload onto my IPod or will there be blocks. Someone told me that either it won't let me upload them, or that the program reports back to some place and thats how you get caught . ITunes is a very nice program and with my 50 free songs I intend to use them, but will I be able to do this without it sending messages back to the company.

    Also do I need to change any file formats, someone was telling me that I might have to run it through some program so they are ready to go.


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    Nah, you just import the folder where the files are. It'll probably be MP3 format? It'll come up asking if you want to change it to AAC format and it'll convert it and put it into your music library. Just drag the files from the playlist onto the nano icon on iTunes.

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    It doesn't block your music or go squeal to anyone about how you got your music.

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