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    Run an *awesome* blog?

    I always get this urge to find new blogs that I know exist. Yet, when I visit sites such as Techorati, all I find are already-famous blogs - precisely those I'm trying to avoid for various reasons.

    With VeryAwesomeBlogs I'm looking to build a place folks can come daily and discover new blogs of quality.

    How does it work? if you run an awesome blog, you can list it on for one dollar.

    As for the one dollar price, that is simply to weed out a) spammers and b) non-serious blogs. My thinking is if you take the effort to make the dollar payment, you'd have some vested interest in the quality of your blog.

    Dollar Split
    If you read the site, you'll find out that 25 cents out of every buck I get will be donated to the Genocide Intervention Network which is providing much-needed aid to the innocent people stuck in war-wrecked Sudan.

    I'll spend another 25 cents of the dollar and put it back in VeryAwesomeBlogs. When I put this money back in to promote VeryAwesomeBlogs, this opens more people to finding your blog through VAB.

    And what about the remaining 50 cents...shhh! (hint: it's mine!

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