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    [NOW HIRING] Helpdesk/Live Sales/Support Staff

    I have a small hosting business, and I'm looking for a person to help me to provide Helpdesk/Live Support to existing and potiential clients.

    I don't have many tickets submitted daily (around 10-20 tickets/day), I need someone has some free time to respond to these tickets, not nessessary resolve them, but just to assign them to the right tech on my team (i already have a few techs on my team to resolve technical issues). My main priority is to be really responsive to clients, so clients know we have received their ticket and currently working on it. We need to respond to every ticket as little turn around time as possible.

    Here's my requirements:
    1. Candidate must be in and eligible to work in the US
    2. Must have experience in Cpanel and web hosting business
    3. Must be polite and friendly to clients (we track every word you answer to clients)
    4. Must have Linux/Unix knowledge, hand-on experience is a big plus to get promoted to the next level

    Job Description:
    1. Respond to all tickets submitted by clients ASAP, let them know we have received their tickets and assign them to our tech to resolve them (again, you don't have to resolve them)
    2. Answer Sales questions submitted by clients (very easy questions mostly)
    3. Be on Live Chat system and help new and existing clients with Sales questions only. If they ask technical questions, and you don't know how to answer them, you can ask clients to submit a ticket and you assign those tickets to the right tech on our team to resolve them.

    As I mentioned, our helpdesk/live chat have a really low volumn of clients need help, so somtimes, you don't have to do anything for hrs.

    Salary: $100-1000/mo. - Your pay will increase based on your performance.

    PM me with your resume if you're interested.


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    Thanks for posting, I was looking for something like this! I will PM you right now.
    Too bad i'm a newbie on the forum, not in the industry though, WHT wont let me PM you =[

    Is there an alternate method of contacting you?


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    Pm Sent ,

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    pm sent, thanks!

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    pm sent thanks

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