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    message board help

    What would I need to look for in a host for a message board that had about 1000 members, with 25-50 people on during peak hours, and around 300-400 people on per day? Plus room to grow.

    I am newbie, so if you need more info, just ask and I will be happy to answer.

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    Definitely not a shared nor a reseller package would work for you. I never recommend anyone who has over 500 members to use a reseller/shared package. Especially when you over over 300 people on each day. Go for a dedicated server. Generally something low end, say a P4 with minimum 512MB RAM should do it for now.
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    If you stay on those limits a shared host would be enough, however, take in mind that you're near to the boundary where you should start looking on a plan to the future, depending of your growing rate, when you reach the 50 mysql connections at the same time, it would be time to move to a dedicated server
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    hi friend,

    I was with dreamhost on their starter package for about a month, it was pretty good coz i never knew when my forum would grow. As the member base reached over 4000 and avarage visitors tagged about 300 i got all sorts of trouble. I am now on a VPS with slhost

    good luck

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    Don't get caught up in the hype. People jump and immediately say VPS or Dedicated. That's great if you're ok with smashing ants with sledge hammers. You'd be just fine with any medium shared account.
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    Yeah, a shared hosting environment can accommodate your forum easily. You just need to look around.

    What is your budget?

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    A VPS(Virtual Private Server) is propably what your looking for.

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