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    Proftpd virtual hosts setup

    Hello, I've been searching the web for a bit now and have not found a clear HowTo which explians how to setup FTP accounts on my server.

    In apache I will have virtualhosts for more than one site using the same IP...
    However in proftpd this apparently is not possible.
    With quite alot of search this is the code I have put together to set up one site's FTP access :

    DefaultRoot /var/www/sitename
    <Limit LOGIN>
    Order allow,deny
    AllowUser username
    <Directory /var/www/sitename/webstat>
    <Limit WRITE>
    Is this code correct? Is proftp the best soft for what I am trying to achieve?

    How can I change my code to allow all the different users to access their own directories only?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Ok I have found the solution to my first question :

    DefaultRoot /home/foo foo

    For user = foo and default directory /home/foo

    However how should I proceed to refuse all users write access to a folder in their root, such as webstat ...?

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