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Thread: CPanel Problems

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    CPanel Problems

    I see some people here saying that CPanel is buggy. Others say that the upgrades are too frequent and sometimes cause other problems. If so, can't you disallow automatic upgrades, and upgrade at your own leisure when you think the bugs have been worked out?

    What specific problems have you had with CPanel?

    JFYI: I've only used CPanel3 on a personal site, and have no experience with WebHost Manager. I liked CPanel overall. The only things I didn't like were:

    1. The file mgr being in frames
    2. The SSH client written in Java. (most of cPanel written in perl, and I wish they'd use a perl client. I'll give Nick a perl client that I wrote awhile back if he wants to cut me in on Cpanel profits. )
    3. Too many graphics, but that's been fixed with new skin choices
    4. Only works with 1 Operating System
    (fix it to work with BSD, please)

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    I haven't had any problems with upgrades so far. Yes, you can disable automatic updates, but that was a recently-added feature.

    The only problem I've had with Cpanel is sometimes deleting an account won't fully delete the account so I'd have to remove the account manually.

    Other than that, everything seems fine.

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    Agree with toastyx, cpanel isn't quite as buggy as people will lead you to believe. The auto update is best set to off (for me anyway - as is the rhn update feature for redhat) as has been proved with a bad update a while back but apart from that all seems to work just fine. I also every now and again edit files manually to remove the junk that CPanel doesn't get rid of after deleting accounts. All in all, cpanel is a very easy to use and powerfull server admin tool.

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    I haven't had many problems with it yet but agree that it should be supported by freebsd. You can download versions of it but as far as i know, it's not supported. If this is wrong, please correct me, we'd love to use freebsd but like cpanel/whm so we have to use redhat. / / : Interested?

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    FreeBSD RC1 should be released in a couple of days.
    J. Nick Koston - cPanel, Inc.

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    Originally posted by bdraco
    FreeBSD RC1 should be released in a couple of days.
    Wow, what a quick reply from the CPanel writer! That is GREAT NEWS! Thank You very much for making CPanel BSD-compatible and for letting us know. Nick! We can't wait.

    PS When CPanel starts supporting the BSD OS, I wonder if most CPanel users will change from Redhat and make BSD the most popular. Also, I read something about FreeBSD and BSD becoming the same OS. So, I'm guessing that if Nick makes CPanel to support FreeBSD that it will also support BSD???

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    i have only been using cpanel for the past month and i have never had a problem with it. i love it!

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    like all good things, it's not perfect. But in my opinion it's very close to it.

    Nothing is better than getting into the server and editing some things by hand, and performing regular maintainance of things like httpd.conf, but for the most part WHM makes working on the server very easy. I generally think most problems with cpanel and WHM are due to people placing too much reliance upon it

    Considering the work put into updates for it, I'm suprised it runs as smoothly as it does. I've had a few concerns about the odd update here and there, but fixes are pretty quick, and the feature list keeps getting longer and longer.

    It would certainly take something out of the hat to make me think of using anything else.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    I'm with Akashik on this one

    For all the talk about bugginess and other issues, I have used CPanel for several years and had virtually no problems with it. Furthermore, I have never had a customer ask to move to another panel. Yet, I have moved many from Ensim and Plesk to better serve them. It's easy to use, works well, lots of functionality and visually well organized. The only panel I liked as well was the Alabanza panel.

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