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    Cool [Needed] 10 custom buttons for forum

    Happy holidays to all WHT'ers!

    I'm looking for a graphic designer to design 10 custom forum buttons for my vBulletin board. It is an adult community, but the buttons will not have any nudity or inappropriate material on them. You don't even have to see the site if you don't want to.

    These are the button names that I wish to have customized:
    - forum_new.gif
    - forum_old.gif
    - forum_old_lock.gif
    - newthread.gif
    - reply.gif
    - edit.gif
    - quote.gif
    - multiquote_off.gif/on.gif
    - quickreply.gif
    - reply_small.gif

    If interested in taking on this job please PM me with your pricing and turnaround time.

    Take care,

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    I think tat would be great to know your budget.

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    It depends mainly on the quality and then on the turnaround time. Right now I don't feel like spending over a $100, but then again if someone really knocks my socks off I might reconsider that.

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    top: 50px; left: 200px;
    I could start this today and have 1 sample for you in 20 minutes, provide me with a url to view the theme...I am over 18... and I will provide you with 1 sample for you to consider.
    Danny - Image Hosting -

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    I also can create some nice buttons for you. I can create samples, if you PM me the address. 18+ applies here...

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