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    Port monitoring software recommendations

    Hi, I have several servers, vps that are all spread out at different dc's and seeing I found an old laptop someone was throwing away I wanted to install some software that can moniter my ports or ips and send out an email out to me which will then send a sms to my blackberry.

    Anyone have any recommendations one which one use. Can be for Windows or Linux as this laptop is not going to be doing anything but doing some monitoring these ports and maybe I'll use it as a dedicated station to log into servers.

    I was thinking of some software but I can't remember what it was. Something like nagie or something that starts with the letter's been awhile

    Thanks for any recommendations

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    The Short Answer: you can look at nagios for *nix.

    The Long answer: The challenge with something like this is the location you 'monitor' from could become compromised, and not your remote location. Thus the monitoring wont be very accurate - so what you really would want would be software that can run on each of your servers that remotely polls all the others (and creates a sort of matrix of data to determine true up/down time). Pretty complicated stuff - and mainly requires re-inventing the wheel. There are a number of sites out there that does this for free or a small fee - but doing it yourself is always nice too.
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    Yea..I saw some sites doing it..i think one was siteup or something like that but I don't want to really pay for something like that...I'll just use portmon or something then instead was nagios...i think i remember it was a bit difficult to setup but works great and does alot more then i asked for..probably use that also

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    Try this one.
    We've been playing with the Desktop Edition trial right now.
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    I'd recommend using a combination of Munin and BigBrother / BigSister. Our company uses both for monitoring more than 40 servers.

    Munin can easily be configured to have a multi-master setup, for extra redundancy.

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    Thanks for all the replies

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    I also recommend nagios (best solution would be your own network of nagios monitoring servers).
    On the other hand, you may try the services from or
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