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Thread: Dedi or not?

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    Dedi or not?

    Hello, I was thinking about getting into the business of selling gameservers, however, I have run into a little problem in my planning. I cannot decide weather I should rent a dedicated server, or if I should purchase my own, from like tigerdirect or something. I would sort of like windows 2003 webserver edition to be installed on it, which I already have at my house on a cd, but for a dedi, you would have to pay money for that. I have not yet researched into colocation prices, so what would you guys recomend for me? The only thing I would be using the server for would be to sell gameservers. It probably wouldnt have to have much ram to start out with, since I am not very good at advertising. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks.


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    I would recommend getting a dedicated server , it will allow you to get the experience you need in runing a game server business w/o putting down a large amount of money to colocate, since your new you to this it would be more beneficial in my opinion.
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    Leasing a dedicated is often cheaper than colo, especially if you're going to be pushing a lot of bandwidth. Colo becomes more "worth it" if you have already purchased powerful servers, and have a lot of them.

    If you just need one dedicated server I'd suggest just leasing it, I can pretty much guarantee it will be cheaper than colo.
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    thanks for the advise.

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