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    Question [uk] Poundhost vs 49Pence

    We have a few managed dedicated servers in the US and are looking for a DR site in the UK where we can colocate a few servers.

    As the UK servers will only be used for DR purposes (+ backup mx, secondary dns etc) we don't require a full managed solution. I have managed to narrow our choices down either Poundhost or 49 Pence.

    Does any one here have experience with either or both of these companies and can provide any recommendations either way?



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    I can't say I've had any experience with either, but Poundhost has had two total network outages in the space of a month (purely due to bad network configuration), something you should be aware of.


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    I used Poundhost briefly, and didn't like them. I've been with 49 pence for over a year now, and love them.

    I run gaming and voice servers, and Poundhost just wasn't to my standards of performance. They might be fine for a DR purposes, but I'd still go with 49 pence.

    Just my $.02.
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    I have never used poundhost but I have loved being with 49pence for awhile now.
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    I've used both;

    Poundhost - friendly, helpful, decent support. During the time I used them there were very few network issues. They are addressing the recent problems I understand.

    49pence - seem to be larger, perhaps a little less flexible. Network is fine, prices are excellent.
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    We use 49pence for Colo, staff are very accommodating and network is excellent.
    Would highly recommend.
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    I've not used either for servers, but from recent discussions about PoundHost's network I would be weary.

    I've generally heard good things about 49pence, but as with any budget provider, I'm sure their is obviously the ups and downs to both.

    From what I've heard and seen, I'd be choosing 49pence personally.

    Alternatively, if you have technical know how and want pure colo... check out

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    I've had services from both companies (Poundhost = off network colocation, Rapidswitch = Bandwidth Provider over BGP). They both have their weaknesses. I know people looking to migrate away from their services. I have seen some of the Rapidswitch servers (given we are in a neighbouring datacentre suite). There are plenty of on site spares, good equipment. I won't go in to details. They've both had their problems - then what do you expect for the price?

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