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    to framework or not!

    well..been searching,reading and testing frameworks for a week.
    i've been coding in i'm about to start a new commercial project.

    i really don't know if it's better for me and my customers to use a framework to build my software!
    i mean,if there's a bug in the framework,i am affected,& will have to wait for a fix(i don't think this is accepted in a commercial environment ! ).
    if there's something to be done and i meet a limitation in the framework,i am stuck!
    distributing my software is much easier without the need to distribute or obligate users to install framework with the software .

    another thing,only little number of frameworks support php4.and i believe most hosts still depend on php4.

    please guys i'm not a programming guru,i just need to choose the correct solution for the situation.

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    Are you not able to use PHP5?

    There are frameworks like PEAR for PHP but it requires the web server admin to install the framework, and framework extensions. Sounds like you are not too hot on this idea?

    You could look at some of the reputable classes at

    Be sure to look at the ratings of the class, and test the code for yourself. I usually end up using a few of the classes for validation, secure sessions, stuff like that.

    You can get a group of good classes together and create your own framework.
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