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    some emails not coming through

    Im using the email I set up with my webspace provided by made2own although Im finding some e-mails arent getting through for some reason.

    It seems people can e-mail me fine as I have recieved a few although some emails such as activation links from forums arent getting through. With some forums it comes through fine and with others it just never turns up.

    I have looked through my trash folders and nothing is there, I have made sure all spam filtering etc is switched off in CPanel and my host assures me they do not filter email what so ever.

    Any ideas?

    I know the problem cant be the forums them selves as I can send the activation links to my gmail just fine.

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    Only your host can answer your problem as they will know what exactly happen when they look at their log file.
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    grep /var/log/exim_mainlog for your email address and see if there are any bounce messages in there.

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