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    Lightbulb Start-up Guides - Opinoin

    After a bit of a recent conflict in writing our new start-up guide for new clients, we will be starting over from scratch (with the guide) and shooting for something a but different than the other start-up guides most other hosting companies offer their customers.

    My main question in my post is: Do you think that a start-up guide is even worth the hassle?

    Now in the long run, I am quite aware that customer's in which are completely new to the "website" aspect of the internet, will find a start-up guide as a very useful and effective tool - as it explains to them what things are and what needs to be done for things to happen. Based on your personal experience however (whether you have a start-up guide or not) would you find it that most customers would even utilize such a support resource?

    I appreciate your feedback and would like to thank you in advanced!

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    Some might but depending on how it is written - they might not. The ones that really need it would be the ones they don't understand anything about the hosting business.

    One poster the other day on here was upset because he paid for hosting but yet they did not show him / teach him how to build a website. People tend to forget that usually a hosting business is in business to host (and make money) while any other services / products that said company provides is just a perk

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    Yes, a startup guide is essential - you want to answer the very common problems, and get them up and running with a pre-written guide so they won't bother your helpdesk.

    If you do more in this that helps them, and other companies just say 'theres your webspace, see ya' then you'll have that competitive edge that is so necessary.
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    I agree with gbjbaanb.

    You should have a startup guide for your clients as not all are going to be techo geeks. If you want to expand your target base you will need to offer a startup guide, this is what Hostgator does, you might want to take some pointers from them:

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    That sounds like a good idea, I am just starting and I would like collection of answers to common issues. It can be annoying to have to search for every little issue, so I am sure many of your customers are thinking the same thing as me.

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    We did have one when we started in 2000 and it was well recieved.. since then our market has changed so we not bothered to update it. (We have it as a booklet as well as a PDF online)..

    Nowadays, we have flash demo and faq online.. but customers don't use it much, they just called us.. so any idea on how to reduce them to call.. will be great!
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