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    Question Raq - Get Me Out Of Here

    Its all just too annoying, I need a proper operating system on my RAQ3
    Not one like:

    (NuOnce)BlueQuartz + CentOS - You get this, and you don't stop paying. Its like Microsoft releasing Vista, and then charging for every single update. You even have to pay for a PHP update. Not like its cheap either. Plus support is bad, because the market is small.
    (Zeffie)RAQ4 - Not bad at all, very old though MYSQL & PHP very old, their are FREE updates every now and again. Although I've had mail problems for ages, and received no solutions.
    QubePanel - "Email support - 1 year unlimited support 200 € " Need I Say More..

    Is it not possible to just run a NORMAL server, like the rest of the world. Move on, a bit of progress?

    I understand their may be some problems such as the LCD, but i'm not really that fussed to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Is it not possible to just run a NORMAL server, like the rest of the world. Move on, a bit of progress?
    Perhaps it's time to upgrade to a normal server so that you can install a normal operating system? Raq is a very old server appliance platform, and isn't really designed for what you're trying to use it for.
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    Sure, but the reason I purchased a RAQ3 is because it looks nice, and currently until this time next year can not afford monthly costs of renting, or purchasing a good server.
    Which is why i am seeking an alternative?

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    So if i just install linux on it. It wont work, that rite?
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    (NuOnce)BlueQuartz + CentOS - You get this, and you don't stop paying.

    Get Strongbolt for your RaQ. It costs 35 GBP for a no timelimit license
    and you get your support over at their support forum. They help you
    fast. You pay one time and nothing more.

    Nuonce BQ/CentOS doesn't cost a dime. You install it and then you
    have your normal Linux! You have CentOS and you can install
    whatever you want. There is no need to pay someone to install an
    application for you. You can do it yourself.

    You really should read up abit before bashing CentOS/BQ..

    Strongbolt is CentOS/BlueQuartz with working LCD for your RaQ.
    Nuonce free CD is for normal x86 servers.

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    Nuonce BQ/CentOS doesn't cost a dime.
    Ahh, so they package someone elses OS and App together. I was under the impressetion CentOs was theirs.

    So i can just do CentOS updates ext?

    Also about this:
    you can easily turn most ordinary PCs into a full Web, FTP, E-Mail, DNS & MySQL Server!
    Says nothing about RAQ3. Infact it has a whole raq4 page about updates, but nothing about installation. and NuOnce
    Offer the exact same thing rite? CentOS and BlueQuarts
    But OsOffice costs 35 and includes support.

    Looks like im not buying the weights I need work off my XMAS food!!.

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    Nuonce is for whitebox servers - which means normal
    x86 servers with BIOS.

    OsOffice's Strongbolt is an installer for the same software
    but for the RaQ. The RaQ's are very special and non-
    standard. They have no BIOS for instance. If you want to
    run CentOS and BlueQuartz on your RaQ 3/4/550 you
    should pay 35 GBP for Strongbolt.

    Strongbolt also has support for the LCD.

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    ironfist thanks for your support.
    I will purchase it now.

    Although i am still unsure about CentOS:
    So i can just do CentOS updates ext? or got to wait for strongbolt to pass them on.

    I need good security you see.

    On closer inspection it actualy costs £41 ( to be able to purchase the installation CD. Which can be used only once.
    In other words, id be able to sell my server and use the extra £41 to get myself a normal server.

    Nuonce is for whitebox servers - which means normal
    x86 servers with BIOS.
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    Well, I live in Sweden and they didn't charge
    any VAT on me.

    You can use it as many times as you want.
    For the same server.

    Yes, with Strongbolt you install a normal CentOS
    and you type yum update to update it. And the
    repositories for CentOS are the official ones.

    You have seperate repos for the BlueQuartz parts.

    You will get a very secure Linux installation with
    this. If you chose to stay with RaQ OS 4 you are
    pretty doomed..

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    Cards out now. time to purchase Strongbolt.

    Considering I'm completing a fresh installation, think ill take some screenshots of installation process.

    If i remember.

    I HATE PAYPAL I allready have an account, so i can not use the fast payment. How nice, youd think theid just go "they used this card, we will just put this under their account" but no.
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    i just went through this process... i installed rackstar (

    u have to take the hard drive out and flashtehrom but its pretty simple

    took about 30 minutes and now i have php4 mysql 4 ssh, and it has security patches from

    if you want to see what its like email me at [email protected] or aol messenger pauljusm and ill let you login to mine and look around and/or help set yours up

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    BQ/Centos is rhel4 and works well

    BQ/Centos is real linux. Actually 2.6 based on rhel4.

    You don't have to pay Nuonce for the updates. You can find the right software and use rpm or others to install anything you want. I do have to say though, for just $20 some of the "pre rolled" packages are convenient.

    Give it time and you will see.

    Good luck!

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    (Zeffie)RAQ4 - Not bad at all, very old though MYSQL & PHP very old, their are FREE updates every now and again.
    My updates are very current now... I have MySQL 5 and PHP 5 in packaging at the moment... and my stable NEW SENDMAIL 8.14.0 with built in anti spam features ready to post. The Only place you can get Sendmail 8.14.0 now is on the RaQ4 os and you can do it for FREE with no strings attached.

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    Aparently are about to release a version of Strongbolt that is based on CentOS 5.1
    This currently does not come with BlueQuartz, but is ideal for those users who just want CentOS 5 on their Cobalt, or those who want a base system to install cpanel or another panel onto.

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    As a side note, you can run NetBSD on a cobalt raq, the default one they distribute free. You cannot use cPanel with it however. It also has the newest versions of packages. You could alternatively stick with the built in Raq OS and just use the NetBSD pkgsrc to update any services you want to run It has MySQL 5, PHP 5 and a lot of other useful things.

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    NetBSD/Cobalt project only runs on MIPS architecture, ie Raq/Qube, RaQ2/Qube2. I've got in running an 80gig drive in my Qube2 right now.
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    SOrry but raq is only an additional layer over the OS. The fact is that i run Bluequartz since a few years and i am very happy with it!

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