Hi Everyone,

First off Merry christmas to everyone

We are looking for a Website Designer who is able to produce unique and bold websites which stand out (not an easy task these days) and make a statement. We also need the designer to be a good coder as well as we want the site to be run on a CMS of some descirption or to talk over our options of integrating certain aspects of our other applications into the site to make it more dynamic.

The Designer needs to be competent in the work and have previous examples of work they have produced in the past (work where they have integrated other applications into a site design would be usefull too).

The time frame for the work is to be completed in approx 1.5 or 2 Months (with a little tweak time added on top). We are a little fussy so we will ask for a few changes to be made to get it just right so please be prepared for this!

As for the kind of site we are looking for: We are looking to have a new hosting website design put together that is more dynamic than our previous site - we want to be able to integrate certain applications such as Kayako, modernbill, etc into the site to allow a more "streamlined" look and create a site which doesnt look like we hhave 5/6 applications powering it.

If you can reply below with the following information i would greatly appreciate it:

Experiance (months/years):
Ammount of work history: (how many sites have you designed?)
Approx Cost of Project: (Rough Quote based on the above Subject to change)

Some Example Work: (Links to past work/portfolio)
Some Integration/Coding Work: (Links to work that show off your coding skills)

Thanks in advanced to everyone,