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    Any experience with

    I'm doing research of cheap starter hosting companies that provide just reliable service (no GIGs of traffic require, just server should be up and fast enough, and support should be helpful) of hosting and domain name registration. Although, the more I surf the reviews, the more I see that each such hosting is being claimed to be unreliable unprofessional gangsters.

    I went to Indichosts and found nothing bad about them. Their own website seems to work fast as well. And that's good.

    Does anyone here have an experience with this provider? May be there is something out there I have not found yet?

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    Well, how cheap is that?

    Remember, if it is too much cheap, then you won't (mostly) get the things that you mentioned.
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    Well, it's cheap enough. $1.4 for 100MB space and 7Gb bandwidth. Although, the comments about more expensive providers aren't that good also. So I'm not sure if the most expensive solution is always the best. It's rather a matter of trying and making decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Polonski
    (no GIGs of traffic require, just server should be up and fast enough, and support should be helpful)
    Can you expand on this?
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    The reason is that I foresee significant expanding in a year or so. The first year is rather the time for beta testing and upgrades. The first year won't involve a huge traffic at all. As I believe, it's always possible to change hosting plan, or even hosting provider, as soon as your current one doesn't provide the kind of services you start requiring

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