My name is Steven Alexander and I am a computer programmer living in Australia. For over 4 years I have been working on a sophisticated software distribution and copy-protection system called Distrotech.com.

Distrotech.com is a highly innovative service for securing and selling windows software products via a trial version model. Distrotech makes it very easy for software developers as they can just upload their software and the server automatically injects the copy protection/activation/registration technology into the application file. It is automatically distributed to a world market. Linux/OSX compatibility is possibility for the future.

The copy protection in Distrotech is very strong. Distrotech evolved out of my early experiments with copy protection and it is an inherent part of the whole system, not a tacked on afterthought. It uses many completely novel techniques, one of which is that the copy protection is reapplied in a unique way every time the software is downloaded from the Distrotech.com server. This makes patching extremely difficult. It would take many pages to explain the full details of the copy protection but it is completely novel and has strong stand-alone potential. I would be most happy to provide more details on request.

The system is built around Distrotech's dynamic download technology. Distrotech has access to the products binary executable file on the server and every time a product is downloaded, the product's installation package is rebuilt. During this process the latest copy protection and publisher configuration are applied, and any affiliate tracking IDs are inserted into the program executable. It also enables a lot of other very cool features that just aren't possible with any other system. For example it would be very easy to automatically insert an affiliates logo into the products trial version splash screen.

Distrotech also contains many other unique features but I have already gone overboard in this message. The website http://distrotech.com does give a basic overview of the system but it is not as clear as it could be and this is something I've been planning to work on. If you are interested in getting a better idea of the system I would recommend uploading an example product. You can log in with a test account (UserName: bill, Password: 123123) and then upload something like Microsoft's Notepad.exe (located in the windows directory). Any win32 or .NET application should work.

Distrotech is 99% complete. It has gone through two rounds of user testing and is very close to release worthy. The main thing holding it up is lack of a suitable payment processing facility. As I am located in Australia it is very difficult to acquire the facilities that would enable Distrotech to be launched worldwide. I could easily get a merchant account here in Australia but it would be at a high rate and only process in Australian dollars. I don't consider this a suitable solution.

I am looking to form a partnership with a US based company or individual that is in a position to arrange the necessary payment facilities. With this new partner I would like to form a new company called Distrotech LLC. The new company will be the sole licensed operator (but not owner) of the distrotech.com system. The prospective US partner would own at least 51% of this new company and so would be in a position to easily apply for a low rate US dollar merchant and bank account.

The prospective partner would be in complete control of the merchant account and bank account. If there were any problems such as chargebacks, etc, the partner would have the power to cancel all the accounts and walk away. I would have no direct access to either account so the only party with the potential to be ripped off would be me. Obviously this is not an ideal situation for me, but I am prepared to do it in order to get the company off the ground. Once the company starts to become established a more suitable arrangement can be found.

I am NOT looking for any financial investment or help developing/running the system (although this would be nice). I will cover all costs associated with forming the new company, the merchant/bank account application fees, and whatever other costs arise. The partners sole responsibility will be limited to establishing the accounts and whatever small amount of administration they require.

In exchange for this we can negotiate a percentage of ownership of the Distrotech system (separate to the 51% of Distrotech LLC) and a cash payment once the accounts are established (a small amount upfront is OK). Once the system reaches an agreed upon level of success an additional payment and ongoing fee can also be paid.

The requirements are:

You must be legitimately interested in the distrotech.com system.

You must be very reliable and willing to communicate readily over the phone as well as email/IM/etc

You must be a US citizen and resident.

You must be at least 21 years old.

You must have a clean credit history.

You must not be blacklisted by any of the credit card companies.

You must not have any criminal convictions of any kind.

Ideally you would have experience running some sort of e-commerce system or a strong IT/business/marketing background but this is not a requirement.

For those that would like to discuss this further please email me at: steven[at]distrotech.com

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this very long message.

Best Regards,
Steven Alexander
Future Perfect Pty Ltd
28 Palmerston St,
Berwick, VIC, 3806
Phone: +61.397689009
Mobile: +61.419467067
Email: steven[at]distrotech.com