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    [ask] checking finnd file infected

    Hi i just received file infected when scan using chrootkit, anybody can help?

    it said

    "bindshell - infected ( port : 465)"

    is it dangerous? any idea how to fix?

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    If you're running PortSentry that binds itself to unused ports probably chkrootkit will give you a false positive on the bindshell test (ports 114/tcp, 465/tcp, 511/tcp, 1008/tcp, 1524/tcp, 1999/tcp, 3879/tcp, 4369/tcp, 5665/tcp, 10008/tcp, 12321/tcp, 23132/tcp, 27374/tcp, 29364/tcp, 31336/tcp, 31337/tcp,
    45454/tcp, 47017/tcp, 47889/tcp, 60001/tcp).

    You can check if portsentry binds port 465 to itself by executing command netstat -lpn | grep 465.
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