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    I just found them and this looks way too good to be true. A dedicated server for $24.95 a month, 512mb ram, 2.6ghz, 3Mbps unmetered transfer or 1000gb transfer, plus this kvm over ip thing? Has anyone had a server with them? I'm very interested in signing up but i cant beleive that a deal this good doesn't have a serious catch.

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    Search this forum, they've been discussed a bit recently.
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    Hi, two weeks ago I contacted sales asking if they were on stock and they answered me pretty fast, however I replied asking some techincal questions (about network, locations, if they have truly 24/7 support that one day would be able to help me at non common hours - I'm located in Europe - and even I asked about the VPS) and never got a reply back...

    Keep us informed if you know more about them, their prices are too good to be true but if you don't try, you cannot say nothing. One thing, they don't accept paypal.

    I also pm'ed a guy of this forum that has a server with corenetworks, he said all was fine with them, but he was too new to write a in-depth review about them. I feel we need testers to guide the community


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    There website states under the Network section:

    CoreNetworks owns and operates several hundred miles of fiber to tie geographically diverse datacenters and Internet feeds together for redundant connectivity and remote disaster recovery solutions. We meet our Tier-1 providers on fiber and can easily scale as more bandwidth is required.
    We maintain our own AS, our own IP space that has been allocated directly from ARIN, and we maintain all of our networking infrastructure. We don't rent or lease our network infrastructure like so many other providers do.

    However, theres no AS # tied to their IP Space and it appears the IP Space from ARIN is owned by Great Lakes ComNet. It also appears that the only Carrier involved with this setup is AT&T World Net Services.
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    This is completely off topic but I just had to say that webtech's sig is one of the most creative and amusing ones I've seen!

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    Hi ALL
    I signed for that config on Dec 15, only secondary dns being put their. (Small thing , but worth mentioniong . When I told them that I want to use this server at this time for secodary DNS purpose, I got it set up with BIND jailed in /var/named/chroot)
    Till date no complaints, support is good, howevers takes 3-4 hours.Jason and Russell replies have been upto expectations till date.

    some amusement found on that prices were

    1. ports are dedicated and not shared
    2. they use sata II harddirves

    Will keep evalauting them, till date happy sailing, planning to put some less crucial sites their and note.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samb057
    I just found them and this looks way too good to be true. A dedicated server for $24.95 a month, 512mb ram, 2.6ghz, 3Mbps unmetered transfer or 1000gb transfer, plus this kvm over ip thing? Has anyone had a server with them? I'm very interested in signing up but i cant beleive that a deal this good doesn't have a serious catch.
    That particular config has a $75 setup which is trivial given the pricing and service received.

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    Hello, I got a reply from corenetworks, seems there were a missunderstanding wiht my ticket and Jason answered me today. According to his words they own the building where the datacenter is located but they also own more buildings in michigan but those buildings are used for telecommunication purposes. In my tiket I asked about truly 24/7 support and he said they had onsite techs or techs who lived near the dc that can fix network and power outages when needed, but if you crash your server, you need a reload or something you would have to wait to normal business hours. As they own several datacenters I requested them if I could be colocated in one of my choice, yes I can but it's better to stay in the main datacenter which is better maintained than the others. The VPS plans are not ready right now and soon will be. As I want a server I asked about cPanel, they offer licenses @ $40/mo but you're welcomed to get yours elsewhere.

    It's a pity they don't accept PayPal, I would like to buy a server and try them for a couple of months or even more, who knows, but my credit card is not valid for international purchases. I suggest corenetworks to accept PayPal, they will be able to gain more customers. I know PayPal has fees, but the credit card gateway too and in this life there's always a fee. The benefits I see in corenetworks are clear: the price. For the same amount of money I spend in other datacenter I can get up to three servers in corenetworks. The servers are unmanaged, that means they give you the machine, power and Internet access, the rest it's your task what I'm agree. I understand they have now aggresive prices to get customers but you cannot judge a service without try, that's why I wanna try (but I can't). It's true you get what you pay for, but it is also true you cannot say you don't like vegetables if you don't tasted them, you cannot say that corenetworks is good or bad if you don't tasted them. As I said before, I pm'ed a WHT member who has a box there, he said all was fine with them, but not in depth.

    At this point I see corenetworks answers fast, always you can miss tickets, but at least they worried about me. That's a good impression. Their network, I see it pretty good... They seem to be a good deal, please accept PayPal !!!, lol.

    Hope this helps.

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    I started this thread, but since then i've signed up with them and it's been great. More than once I've locked myself out of my server and the IP/KVM thing really saved me. One time I asked if i could get kvm/ip access to diagnose a problem i was having, and the guy booted my system and pointed out my problem for me (syntax error in firewall rules, which it could have take me hours to find out) without me even asking. I was very impressed and I am very happy with their service so far. However I've only been with them for a week or so, I can't write a full review, but so far i am very happy, and i got the cheap box for $25 a month.

    The only thing I would recommend to them that they switch up their plans a little bit, they don't really have a wide range of stuff. Maybe some AMD and 64 bit servers, and more options to add on, like backup.
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    Sounds like they're trying hard to be the next .

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