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    Selling an established script selling site $550-$800/ Month


    The website has been online for almost a year and the profit is from selling the scripts.
    There are currently 2 scripts.
    One is basically fully developed and finished (5 versions were released so far) which is the main source of income.
    The other script is a stable one but might need some very small fixes.
    There are just over 45 clients who purchased the first script and 2 for the second script.
    There are also additional features that can be purchased for each of the scripts that cost additional money so this is a HUGE opportunity for you.
    You will need to put a maximum of 1 hour / day to keep this business running or even rent a coder or someone that is a bit familiar with PHP/Scripts that can do the job
    This small business can easily generate enough money for you to make your living.
    I am getting about 1-3 sales a week averaging at 100-300 without any paid advertising, only free back links.
    As i said, there additional items that can be purchased for both scripts that generate extra income so sales can sometimes be less than 100/Week though it barely happens...

    The whole sale contains 3 sites, 1 main site, and 1 site for each script.

    The script is a script i purchased with resell rights half finished about 2-3 years ago.
    Since then i have worked over a year on this script and have managed to make it probably the most advanced in it's criteria.

    I am selling the site because of personal issues, i will be happy to tell you everything over MSN or PM.

    I am not listing the URL or telling you the name of the scripts here, please PM me if you would like additional details/stats/proof of revenue or whatever

    What do you get?
    1. Exclusive rights to both scripts (Each selling for $100+)
    2. IntelloDesk License (~$250)
    3. PHPAudit license (Leased)
    4. Designs for all sites (~$600+)
    5. IdevAffiliate License ($100)
    6. 3 Developed domains with at least PR3
    7. Full source code to both scripts.

    I am looking for offers above $5000.
    I already have an offer of $4200
    No BIN yet.

    *Payment will be made either via PayPal or Wire Transfer.
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    Please PM me the URL, thanks
    God Bless American Web Hosting Industry

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    Please PM URL and the top selling script.

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    Please PM me the URL, thanks.

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    PM me please with the URL
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    Can you send me the link -- As well as more information on the software


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    PM me details please

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    Please send the url, revenue and traffic stats


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    I have pm'ed you all

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    Please send the url, revenue, traffic stats and anything else necessary


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