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    Google with Yahoo!

    Is Google with Yahoo?
    or is this away for Yahoo to steal profits?

    Ever thought of having results of both great players (Yahoo & Google) in a same window.
    Yes you can have. Now you can view (GahooYoogle) the results from Yahoo as well as Google simultaneously in a split window fashion. check it out at:

    Also check this one
    Micro Dynamic is your one stop shop for all of your internet marketing promotion needs. Micro Dynamic.

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    13,277 searches every search engine i believe.

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I've seen a few 'Yaaaahoogles' but they strangely disappear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude searches every search engine i believe.
    Not every search engine, but most of them and more than others. It may be seen at
    Life is too short for 56k!

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