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    Server config suggestions?

    Recently went through a mysterious O/S reload that scrapped my var/ directory with my logs and mysql dbs...

    What's the best configuration for a busy server with a high traffic vbulletin board... Specifically, can I have one server where the OS, DB, and HOME directories are all on seperate drives?

    I have had OS reloads before and they are very disruptive... What type of config do you recommend that will minimize my downtime with OS reload probs... A single server scenario is preferred and then a multi server scenario...

    Thanks in advance

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    If you just care of log and mysql dbs but there is no other issue,don't reload it,you will get no downtime,clean up the logs it easy.then optimizer your mysql and httpd service.

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    You did a reload because of mysql and log were getting full?

    You don't need a reload in order to save some space in /var and you can even put your database in the second drive without doing a reload.
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    You can have multiple partitions in your hard drive. So for example:

    With this kind of partitions, you can still have /var and /home intact and do an OS-reload (as long as they do not touch your /var and /home partitions).

    IMO, separating your logs and dbs on different partitions would help in a busy forum.

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    check this out on the /mysql mounting on other 2nd drive:
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