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    Data Center Worries

    Whether you are hosting one site, reselling, lease or co-locate a server... are you worried about your data center? It seems more and more of them are having problems; and as we all know, if you DC goes down, your SOL!

    I recently did some research on data centers in my home area out of curiosity. Two years ago, there were at least 5, now there are 2-3 data centers here.

    One of the ones left is Inflow that is expensive but supposedly one of the best. I only found 2 webhosts hosting in that data center. One was an expensive windows host, ASPhosting, and one was an expensive linux host.

    Then, I read here that venture capitalists have loaned Inflow approx $377 million, far more than what venture capitalist have loaned to the majority in the same business.

    With the above in mind, I'm not sure if Inflow will survive either; at least not in my regional locale.

    Are there other well-known US data centers that may be in trouble, or that you have concerns about, such as NAC or InterNap?
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    Verio's datacenters are in trouble.
    They already sold a few and are trying to end up with less datacenters.
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    NAC is privately owned, and financially stable. Steady growth is being maintained at a reasonable rate. I've never once heard any rumors of financial problems here.

    In my own opinion, aggressive growth kills internet companies, IE Global Crossing, XO, Northpoint. If it doesn't kill you, it hurts you badly... worldcom (the jury is still out), covad.

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    Do you worry?


    I worry about data centers, carriers, you name it....why, because we are in an industry where the vast majority of providers are struggling and yet still offering low prices to compete.

    And public or private we can't really know what's in store with them.

    What can one do?

    1-Always have a contingency plan
    2-Have personal contact, steady communication with your provider...visit the center periodically if possible.
    3-Spread among multiple centers so you have options readily available.
    4-Cross your fingers.

    Basically, we should all expect at one time or another to suffer as another company bites the dust. We just have to be prepared and handle it the best we can.

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    Basically, we should all expect at one time or another to suffer as another company bites the dust. We just have to be prepared and handle it the best we can.
    Having been there and done that I couldn't agree more. There are _many_ hosts that would be fish out of water if their Data Center 'bit the dust' and yet it does happen. We felt we were quite stable in our location and there was constant talk of more growth...then one day we got a phone call out of the blue telling us the DC would be shut down in less than a week! If you're not prepared for something of that nature the results can be devestating.

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