I have been poking around and looking for a good provider within the bay area that will be ok for a 1u server for a client of mine. I am about middle of the road for price - I need a reliable company on a good network. I had a nice chat with Paul from coloserve and they have an attractive offer which included 100gb network traffic with any size server - 1u-6u (so I could use a tower if I wanted). I also talked to osiriscomm, and they run off of internap bandwidth in MPT and are willing to also give me a decent offer but probably for a little more monthly.

I am not going to be serving up any major content but I do want to be on a reliable non-cogent and non-HE network. Ive looked around at some other tenants in MPT such at NectarTech, which I wouldn't go with due to previous experience. Ethr.net is great but a bit over budget, and simpli.biz I also think would not work out. What providers am I missing? I have done some searching and I used coloquote (I think it was) to try to get some leads. I don't use that much bandwidth now, but I need room for expansion. A /29 allocation would also be nice.

Thanks everyone, happy holidays!
Morgan McLean

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