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    CPU Usage (Is this normal?)

    I'm experiencing pretty high cpu load now and just looking who's using most cpu resources, I've found that it's mine ppc search engine, but in the second place i see:

    Top Process %CPU 67.0 netstat -nlp
    Top Process %CPU 65.0 netstat -nlp
    Top Process %CPU 64.0 netstat -nlp

    Is this normal? Or bad config? I can't access any stats right now, since server is just enormous loaded so don't know anything. How much aprox hits am I getting that stats showing such a numbers?

    On D.Xeon 3.06 with 4 CPU's HT.

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    There is some program running that is running the command "netstat -nlp"? Best find out what it is and why it is doung that.

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    try to stop mysql and see load again

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    Check for any cronjobs that might be running netstat:

    crontab -l

    and to modify the cronjob run crontab -e

    and find out when it is running:

    ps aux | grep netstat

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    To find what process is starting the netstat commands, try
    ps -efH
    which presents the processes indented under the process that started them. This may or may not help (it may show just a generic apache process; it may show the php process and script).

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    Is this a cPanel box? If so that is not abnormal to see. I would use top to see what is really the busiest all of the time.
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