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    Question Domain Selling Markup

    Hello and a Blessed Holiday to everyone!

    Here are a few questions to talk about:
    1. Do you resell Domains?
    2. How much do you markup?
    3. What is a good price to sell to non-resellers, the average person?
    4. What is a good profit margin?

    Thanks for your input.
    The Best To You!
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    Depending on your clientelle and what other services you're offering and how you attract your clients I think all these will vary. Say if you're a web design company and people hire you for making/maintaining their entire website marking $35 for the domain name might not be that big an issue, but if they are just purchasing a domain name from you even $10 these days can often seem a bit high. It depends on how much time they really want to spend doing it themselves and the value of their time. Know your target market, those trying to save every penny are going to aim for lowest margins while more profitable customers who just want their site working and a dollar or three doesn't really matter as long as it is prompt and works.
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