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    Setting up DNS and NameServers with 1 server IP and two Resolver IPs?

    My host sent me the activation email with the server IP address, and then two resolver IP addresses.

    I have Cpanel and WHM, so in WHM when I try to create nameservers in the Basic CPanel/WHM setup, for primary nameserver I type and click Assign an IP Address and it assigns with my server IP address. I then go to secondary ns and type in and click Assign an IP Address and it says it can't assign an IP address because it already used my server IP address. Are those supposed to be my server's IP or the two resolver IP addresses that the host gave me?

    Secondly, I have one zone in the WHM DNS settings,, could someone help me put the right items in?

    Right now, I have...
    @ 14440 in SOA,

    Domain (Excluding TTL, understand that) Record Type NS A server IP address A MX 0
    mail CNAME
    www CNAME
    ftp CNAME server IP address
    ns1 CNAME server IP address
    (hostname set in network) A server IP address

    It seems pretty cluttered with different things. Now, to me it would seem as though I would want to have ns1 CNAME pointer IP 1 and then ns2 CNAME pointer IP 2? I saw the beginners guide to DNS in the Tutorials but I don't understand what I'm supposed to have for the ns1 and I need to create an ns2 and I don't quite fully understand what is suppose to be to the right of the "in SOA" line where there's two text boxes.

    Could someone help a newbie out?

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    Hmm I use the free Webmin CP and the way I set it up, I can set the and to the same IP address. As for the two resolver IPs given to me, I didn't have to use it at all. It seems to me you want to set the and to the same IP, right?

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    I suppose so -- I just want it to work? I tried just telling godaddy that my nameservers were and but yeah I guess I could just put two nameservers with the server IP address, right? What exactly is the "Resolver IPs" that they sent me?

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    the resolver ips are for /etc/resolv.conf the dns server that your server will use to resolve hostnames etc...


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