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    [Hiring] Head of Security at very reputable company

    Seeksadmin are looking to hire a new head of security


    The head of security role is one of the most important roles in our business and hence you will be required to be available almost anytime of the day, however there will only be 5-10 hours of active work per week, but there may be discussions on procedures etc with myself and my partner.

    As head of security you would also be in charge of some of the staff located in our office. This means setting them tasks to do, making sure they do the work correctly and effeciently (a bit of quality control). HOWEVER do not think that this is an excuse just to freeload and tell the staff to do all the work.

    This role integrates a lot with myself and my partner in the management of the company so you will be helping us think of new plans, things to add to plans and ways to secure servers and services.


    • Over the age of 18
    • References Available
    • Phone/AIM/MSN for live interview
    • Experienced with Security
    • Fast and Effecient worker

    This job is perfect for someone who has anouther job but wants a little extra on the side, or wants to be involved in a rapidly growing company. We are looking for enthusiasm and great work.

    Pay is negotiable, a per hour pay is probably the best thing to quote us for. You will also recieve bonuses for good work.

    Please email sales[@]seeksadmin[dot]com with resumes, references and contact information and we will get back to you.

    Please note: You will be tested Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    what kind of systems do you work with? How many servers? Could you pm me more details please
    Systems Developer/Programmer

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