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    cheating!! ******

    currently i bought a template from templatemonster, and i was told that ****** would offer 1 year hosting free because i bought the template.. then I registered with my credit card, their webpage said the activation is automated so I wait for the activation call but nothing happened, obviously it is not automated.. then I chated with them, the guy said please wait 24~48 hours, ok! I gave them my phone number but nothing happened again.. then I got their email saying my account is set to fraud and asking my photo Id and credit card copy..

    finally I understand it is just a cheating marketing trick that offer one year free hosting. It is free but will never happen!! damn.. what i feel angry is that they offer what they cant do and waste my time..

    really disappointed and will never consider ******.

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    I remember trying to signup with them when they started their huge campaigns, just to evaluate their service. They asked me for tons of things that no other webhoster asked me in 7 years. I dumped them immediatly. Maybe they are protecting their business, but in that time I didn't liked the requests.
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