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    flamehost -- my two cents . . .

    alright, i just thought i'd let everybody know this.


    don't trust nihuua/chiasna whatever he calls himself

    i was to be paid to work for him, he never paid he never replied, nothing. i am still owed $50 by him for working on his server.

    it's obvious that they do not know what they're doing, they bs around with potential customers, they lie to current customers, and they have probably cheated some people out of money just like me

    they're just kids, they just don't grasp the mental maturity of being good tech support administrators. if you want somebody that's going to ignore you, tell you to f off, whatever, treat you poorly basically, then yea, go with this company.

    just thought i'd let everybody know the truth


    steve taylor, cna, a+, ic3

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    Sue them so they learna lesson.

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    BTW, here is the link to that thread:
    (It'll take a while to read if you bother to read it all.)

    I agree partially with this comment made by lysis.

    I am a 13 year old kid and I am aimed to open a successfuly, maybe slow-growing hosting solution. It is nice to see these kids try to start a hosting business, however when it comes down to it, there mental attitude towards their customers was terrible. Getting to know a customer and sometimes joking with them (although not this seriously) is a lot different then taking in a new customer and playing games with them, showing that you do not have full committment towards your business. These kids definately lacked the certain mentality to become hosting providers.

    Do not pick on kids, or teenagers for that fact. Again, it is just unfortunate a customer had to have such a bad experience with a group of kids. However, if I was someone looking for reliable hosting and I found my best-pick was some kids, yes: I would too ask more questions and make sure they were trusy-worthy and have a good business plan. That doesn't mean avoiding kids though.

    Lysis, you'll make that money up with me, don't worry . Just my 3 cents!
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