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    Exclamation automount and hald, and optimising memory usage

    I just got this cpanel/whm vps and Im looking over my running processes with htop and I'm seeing a few processes which seem strange for a vps: severla automounts , hald, and yum-updatesd.

    Do i need these, if not how can I disable them, and ummm.. after doing and cut and paste optimization of apache and mysql how can I lower memory usage of my VPS? currently im using like 171/249MB RAM...

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    what is the output of vmstat -s ?
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    [email protected] [~]# vmstat -s
           255272  total memory
           248940  used memory
           210600  active memory
            18088  inactive memory
             6332  free memory
             3408  buffer memory
            70320  swap cache
           524280  total swap
            92976  used swap
           431304  free swap
           544427 non-nice user cpu ticks
             3300 nice user cpu ticks
           316744 system cpu ticks
         14188451 idle cpu ticks
           294922 IO-wait cpu ticks
            11197 IRQ cpu ticks
            28244 softirq cpu ticks
                0 stolen cpu ticks
          6238032 pages paged in
          3424344 pages paged out
            80326 pages swapped in
            74809 pages swapped out
         40979309 interrupts
          6691512 CPU context switches
       1166706606 boot time
            47937 forks
    [email protected] [~]#

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    BUMP for some help, PLEASE

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