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    Thumbs up 17 DIRECTORIES FOR SALE- PR2, PR0 from as low as $12. Be a Directory Owner today!

    A) PR2 Directories $25

    Bulk Discounts: 2 for $45/ 3 for $60

    B) 4 Letter domain Directories (PR0) $18 (5 Letters & brandable)

    Bulk Discounts: 2 for $32/ 3 for $45

    C) Special Discount Directories (Expiring soon) $16 (Expiring on 13 Mar2007) $12 (Expiring on 23 Jan2007)

    Type of Directory: General (Brand New)
    No. of Categories: 700
    No. of Links: NIL (These are brand new LIVE directories but no submissions invited from public yet)
    Directory software - phpLD 2.0 (one of most popular with big user base & support forum). phpLD 2.0 is FREE license if footer link to phpld is retained.

    -Email templates & configurations etc. are already set up so the directory is ready to launch at any time.
    -These are brand new general directories but if you want niche directories (eg. finance, music, sports etc), feel free to PM/contact us to discuss.
    -Each of above directories have different design templates so prefer a different design template on a particular domain, that can also be arranged.
    -All footer links (to phpld & template designers etc.) must be retained and not removed.
    -You can upload the directory files easily to your own server but if you want us to set up/upload to your hosting company, we will charge a fee of $5
    This is a sale for domain name+ directory (brand new as it is).

    Registered: Godaddy
    (Domain name can be transferred free to your GoDaddy account. If you do not have a GoDaddy account, you can set up one for free.)
    Domains Expiry Dates: Nov 2007 (except for &
    Payment by Paypal only to [email protected]
    Once we receive your payment, we will transfer the domain to your Godaddy account and email the directory files to you (usually within 48 hours).
    If you have any questions or alternative offer, feel free to contact us.

    Cheers !

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