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    My 19-month *2nd 12/22* SERVINT review

    I have now officially been with Servint longer than with any previous upstream hosting provider. I started out with one Servint VPS, upgraded that one about a year ago, and have just opened a second one.

    -Network: Haven't caught it down yet. Fast and dependable.

    -Communication: Even a switch or router upgrade is communicated by email to those who could/might/probably-would-not be affected about 10 days ahead of time.

    - Support: It is unmatched, as far as I can tell, anywhere in the world. Techs are in the NOC 24X7X366 and they are all over any problem, usually before any clients are aware of it.

    - Community: Great learning place--the private forums for Servint customers. A lot of long-time, experienced users. Quick to help each other and welcome newcomers. Not a bad apple in the basket.

    Reed Caldwell and his staff have built a top-notch, world-class internet services company. They care, and it shows.

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    I had the same experience with them. They are the best VPS hosting company on the net.

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    I'm on my second VPS with them as well, and I agree with your assessment 100%. I was impressed by the implementation of the second data center without any hiccups at all, and the new trouble ticket system seems to have taken care of the only major issue some folks have had. I can't imagine hosting anywhere else.

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    I was with them for more than 1 year and I have nothing but good things to tell about them.
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