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    Post I need a Reseller Plan

    I'm starting my own hosting site, and so I'm into a reseller plan. But I'm not sure how much space I would need. I don't want to spend too much. Unless I'm getting a lot of resources, like WHM, cPanel, billing system, Fantastico and all that jazz.

    If I ever go over my limit is it possible for me to upgrade?
    Are there any fees to upgrade?
    How secure would my be server?
    Also, will my server be safe from hacking ads?
    Is there any fees to adding domains to my reseller plan?
    When my clients want to purchase another domain, how would that work?
    Will they have to pay a fee, or will I have to pay fee?

    Maybe you can point me into the right direction.
    Please Private Message me or post. Thanks

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    These are questions you need to ask the provider prior to sign up as each varies differently on how they handle your situation.

    As for security simply be sure they have been well established for more than 2+ years.

    As for domain registeration you can obtain an account (which most reseller provider provide just ask) where you can register domains for your clients. All domain registerations you register for your client requires a fee.

    There are many ways to do it in the reseller industry simply be creative as possible!
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    I would recommend searching the reseller offers section of the forums. With Christmas only days away I'm sure you can find a great host with a great xmas special. As clanosiris said you should direct those questions towards your potential host as it will also give you a good idea of how quickly they respond :-)

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    How much are you looking to spend?
    How much webspace/bandwidth do you require?

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    If you are just starting out you should go with a small and cheap reseller plan, but make sure it's with a company that allows you to easily upgrade when you need to. It might also be an idea to go with a company that offers VPS/Dedicated servers so that, if and when the time comes, you can easily upgrade to either of those when you outgrow reseller hosting.

    All of the questions you ask depend entirely on which host you go with. You should either email their sales department with these questions or talk to them on their live support.

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    It sounds like you're new to the Web hosting game. You may wish to look into something like or as you get started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthdevil
    How much webspace/bandwidth do you require?
    I'm not too sure they know how much they need (as per their initial post), but if the op can give us a general price range, we can suggest what disk space/bandwidth would be reasonable to have at that price range.

    As pointed out, these questions would be great to send to the pre-sales team of any host that you come across that you might be interested. Generally hosts make it as easy as possible to upgrade (and usually without an upgrade fee -- just the difference between the two plans, but some hosts do charge a fee, so its best to ask the potential hosts about their exact policy).

    Generally you would have to register domains for your clients as well, your host will not do this for you (in most cases).

    Good luck!
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