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    192 - new site, need reviews

    Hello WHT members,
    I recently launched (3 days ago) the site is related to domain name, articles about IT, news about high priced domain name sales, movements in the IT.

    I would like to hear review as for the site look, so for the content, would you return in such web site, would you suggest such web site to a friend that needs to understand the marketing, the domains, the advantages of PPC etc.

    I am aware that the site needs way much more articles, it is a new site as i earlier said.

    Any comment is welcome that could help me improve the use of this web site for the visitors.

    Thank you.

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    I like to be the first one If this site is aimed to be an information source, it should offer the most space to news or articles. I would add them on costs of some big boxes (such as web 2.0 design...).

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