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    Question Dedicated Web Host Review Site & Recommendation


    I was looking for a web site that tallied user reviews of dedicated web hosts and allowed sorting by best to worst (like you can on by product reviews) does such a site exist? I looked and all I saw were lame "reviews" which were just advertisements.

    Also, any recommendations for a semi-managed (I use www.touchsupport for full) dedicated server company? It needs to be a very reliable company, pricing around $200 - $350 or so. I've heard,,, and are good, which do you think is best or do you have an even better company?

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    I have search to where I could be listed and not have to compete with other hosting ranking that have like you said reviews that look like ads.

    What kinda of specs you looking for in a dedicated server.

    Never used any of the above have used dedicatednow before getting into this field myself and they where great fast tech support and down to earth people.

    That would be about the only competor i could honestly refer you to
    Hosting with out the bull
    24/7 tech support

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    Thank you gasper! I am glad you are pleased.

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