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    Cool Easy way to do rounded corners in CSS?

    Hello all,

    First post!

    I'm looking to do a simple site for myself (mainly to publish my photographs on the net).

    I have a "box" that has straight-line borders and I'd like to know how to have rounded corners.

    I've Googled for it, but there seems to be a million different ways and they seem very complex for what I want to do...

    Thanks in advance,

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    i know css would be the *best* way to do it.
    but why not just use images?

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    Well I want to use web standards and all that, so images kind of defeat the point...

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    Roundy corner images are perfectly compliant - you can implement them as CSS background images.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christina
    Very useful links.. thanks Christina..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_netcat
    Well I want to use web standards and all that, so images kind of defeat the point...
    Just out of curiousity, why does that defeat the point?

    CSS3 is actually going to have mechanisms that will make it easier to use multiple images as backgrounds on the same object, which will make background image a much better option than stuff like opening up 15 <span>s to simulate corners and whatnot. The future of standards appears to support images to create a clean visual effect...
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    Great thread. Goes into my bookmarks.

    Sometime ago I designed a site with rounded corners as .png files just to find out that Internet Explorer 6 doesn't support transparent png's... wasted work.
    You need to add activex code for it to work on IE 6, and I would never do that...

    So the alternatives are gif files or css. Thank you!
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