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    Cheapest Dedicated Server ??

    Hi all

    I'm looking for the cheapest dedicated Server with traffic limit. I don't have any knowledge about server administration, want to play around with this server to lern how it works
    Payment should be every 6 months better 3 months and with paypal because I don't have any credit cards

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    If you are going to play around. You should use But they suck bad. But since it is only testing. I am sure you can wait 13 hours for a ticket response. $59 you can't beat that.

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    try is an alternative

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    59 $ is the cheapest??

    don't need much traffic and webspace, I want only learn how to administrate a linux server

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    Try getting yourself a Xen or VMWare VPS as it will be cheaper
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    I agree that getting a VPS would probably be your best option. Going with a Virtuozzo host will give you access to the PowerPanel which will allow you to backup, restore, or reimage your server via the web. There are some limitations in Virtuozzo that you don't have with a dedicated server, which I think is why Rus recommended a VMWare/XEN host instead. I think it all depends on what area of system administration you want to focus on.
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    $59 for dedicated server is cheap..
    VPS is the only best option for you to learn manage linux, it is similar to dedicated and give you a full root (incl ssh and install any softwares). You can find around $20-$30 VPS with unmanaged.


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    If i were you i wouldn't waste my money on a dedicated server, just get an old P2 or P3 off ebay or in someone's trash, install linux or freebsd, and experiment on that. The only difference is that it won't be accessible to the public, but for your purpose i assume you don't need that.

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    I know nocster has some cheapy servers around $49. Celeron 700mhz I believe.
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    i've got an old P100 at home

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    nothing wrong with an old computer, most people don't realize that you can still use them for most things, especially a low-load server with no GUI. I have a P3 667 server I've been using for quite a while now with absolutely no problems, it's in mint condition, and some lady was just tossing it because she had some small problem with the internet. i regularly go to the dump and find perfectly usable computers and parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohamoud
    If you are going to play around. You should use But they suck bad. But since it is only testing. I am sure you can wait 13 hours for a ticket response. $59 you can't beat that.
    I can assure you our standard support response time is nothing like that and we are always working to improve our support services

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