Got is 2 years old and is my personal website on the internet.
I have gone thru all the steps of a growing website.
Shared hosting for 8 months out grew that.
VPS for the last 1.2 years. Have out grown that .
Am now located on a Dedicated Server.

For Transparency reasons I have received these resources with the dedicated servers:
1500GB Transfer
160G Storage
My site needs:
500G Transfer
Servers spare Resources:
200G Transfer

This leaves 800G transfer For Sale.
Once the 800G transfer is sold no more hosting will be offered until Resources become available as sites and or resellers leave the server.

I have 2 Webhosting packages available to the public.
• Storage=3Gigs
•Price=$3.99 per month USD
Order here:

All Webhosting plans come with Cpanel/Fantastico/CpanelPro

•Price=$8.99 per month USD
Order here:

All Webhosting plans come with cPanel/Fantastico/cPanelPro

Custom built spec web Hosting is of course welcome.

Our Major apps for Webhosting:
WHM 10.8.0
cPanel 11.0
cPanel Pro
PHP 5.2.0
MYSQL 4.1.21
Apache 2.0.59
Zend Engine v2.2.0

Got Canyons is privately financed.
Since I do not rely on hosting to finance my server,
I can guarantee any prospective webmaster that your site will have a home for as long as you require one…

More info on Got Canyons Hosting can be found here: