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    IE Issue very annoying

    Im making a site for a friend of mine for his comics. This is the first time i attempt a website. Ive only had experience with wordpress themes so about a month ago i picked up a book on html and css. So please go easy on me.

    Im trying to code the site It looks fine in Firefox but its messed up in IE.

    It does validate.

    Can anyone tell me whats wrong. please look at my source code and css and try and pick out what im doing wrong.

    Your help would be appreciated!


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    I guess you've made changes? It no longer validates but they look the same in FF and IE6.
    IE7 is nine years behind the standards or wrong.
    But it works in IE!
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    yea i made some changes. made a seperate css file ie browsers. still sucks tho.

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