I remember posting here a couple of years back... WHT has always been great to me.. anyway I had a few designs which weren't sold back in the day.. so consider this as a yard-sale of sorts..


Mainpage : http://rutamrane.com/clearance/fibo/mainpge.jpg
Planspage : http://rutamrane.com/clearance/fibo/comppge.jpg
Flashpreview : http://rutamrane.com/clearance/fibo/flashpreview.html

Price : USD150

DESIGN2 - JUST THE PSDs + necessary fonts/gfx

Mainpage : http://rutamrane.com/clearance/hhost/hhost.jpg

Price : I am really not expecting much... so it's your call.. (as a matter of fact, you can keep this template if you buy DESIGN1)

you can mail me back : [email protected] / hotmail.com

Kindly note that I won't be available for any major modifications, but yes if it's within my capacity I'll surely change the co.names/taglines etc... that shouldn't be a problem. Happy Bidding!