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    i want to buy reseller hosting but.....

    i want to buy reseller hosting so i am looking for in like following hosting search engine

    most fo them have no SSH support

    if i buy a reseller hosting do not suppor SSH how can /will i restore db ????????

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    You can still ask your provider to restore it for you. You just need to upload your files via ftp.

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    First, most Hosters will help any Client with a db restore.
    Next, most Hosters included phpMyAdmin which allows for most anything db related.
    And last, it is possible with some Hosters to obtain SSH access once you have built up a good working relationship.

    You just need to ask potential Hosters a few questions regarding SSH or help they provide, in order to help determine if they are the right Hoster for you. - for all your Hosting needs
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    I would recommend searching the forums for a few providers then hopping in their live chat or calling their phone support to see if they provide SSH access. Many hosts will be provide it for you upon request rather than enabling it by default for security purposes.

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    Most hosts will provide jailed SSH with that (tell me if im wrong) you can extract .tar.gz and restore db's etc.

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    i want to buy reseller hosting so i am looking for in like following hosting search engine
    Do not trust that hosting-review web site. It only lists top 10 highest paying companies, does not list them based on the service or support provided by each hosting provider.

    Search on, and you can search for reviews here on WHT.

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