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    Robot for automation


    I look for one solutions under Linux ( Mandriva) for automatically download a file (automation).
    Normally, to download this file; I have to logger me on a Web page in HTTPS, after the sending of my login/password, me obtains the access has a page which has a direct link towards my file.

    I thought of a script, but of HTTPS code everything, and in script has cause of the encoding I do not can not cross the authentication.

    I thus thought of a GUI software under KDE or Gnome which would allow me to repeat actions, plainly to remember actions of mouse+keyboard to reproduce them.

    A robot ! That exists ? Have you a solution has to suggest me or advising?

    Thank you for your help me.

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    You can write a simple script with PHP to automate this process - probably with an HTTP Client class.

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    Or user wget. If the authentication is cookie passed set wget to use a cookiejar. If the login form is HTTP POST only cURL might be better.

    curl --cookie-jar <cookies file> -F user=name https://site.url/login
    curl --cookie-jar <cookies file> -F https://site.url/filename

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