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    Realistic traffic on a LW VPS1

    I'm hosting a site with LiquidWeb on their VPS1 package right now. Its a clean MediaWiki 1.8.2 install with a phpBB forums. The server is 256m ram guaranteed, 200g monthly, dual opteron with scsi drives.

    I'm trying to get a feel for how many users this VPS could handle before it starts to slowdown or cause problems for the other users on the machine. I've done some testing with Paessler's webserver test (10 users max, 5 second click time) and up to the limits of the trial edition I had to trouble accessing the site over a 10 minute window. Average wait for a URL was 1.03 seconds (using a residential cable connection.)

    Anyone have experience with this configuration and\or host? I'd love to know what to expect.

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    So, here's some results using Paessler's Webserver Stress.

    10 users, 5 seconds between clicks (120 pageviews / minute, 7,200 page views an hour)

    At peak, the server load hit 3.02 (dual proc, so divide by 2, 1.51). From what I know those numbers are a bit high. Performance will still good, 1.3 seconds average response time.

    I know most users aren't going to be bothered by a 1.3 sec response but a considerable number were seeing their response in the 5 - 7 second range, which is obviously a bit too high.

    I'm going to keep working on this...

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    So far, my peak traffic was 15k pages in a day, with the majority of that coming from a link on the front page of a major hardware site. That was on the old, shared host from Siteground... Amazingly it held up and performance was only bad for a short while, maybe 15 minutes. Looking back at it now, I think its impressive that SG didn't can the account or at least email me with a warning.

    On this much larger server from LW I doubt the site would even slow down at all if that level of traffic were to hit it again. Now, would it withstand a slashdotting or digg? I'm thinking they would generate more than 10,000 pageviews an hour, wouldn't you?

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